Projektové riadenie

The 3 Stages of Failure in Life and Work (And How to Fix Them)

Užitočný článok, ak sa nachádzate vo fáze projektu/života, keď vám niečo nefunguje a chcete to zmeniť… ale neviete čo to presne je a ako tomu pomôcť. Nedá vám presnú odpoveď, ale pomôže nasmerovať myšlienky, či je problém v tom čo robíte, ako to robíte alebo prečo to robíte.

The more energy you put into something, the more ownership you feel toward it.

“You haven’t really started working on your idea till you’ve launched.”

Why Scrum sucks

Veľmi, veľmi, veľmi dôležitý článok na tému: čo znamená byť agilný. V skratke: nesledovať slepo Scrum poučky a pokúšať sa nasilo natlačiť slona do krabice od topánok. Ani krabica ani slon asi nebudú vo výsledku šťastní.

Dôležité je uvedomiť si, čo je cieľom (víziou) a zvoliť také nástroje a postupy, ktoré k tomu firmu a tímy dovedú. To focus on products, not projects, and create an environment in which the team is not just allowed but encouraged to adapt, try, fail, learn, and grow.

Scrum is all about the project management, not the software. Therefore, Scrum per se is not an “agile” software-development method—because it is not a software-development method at all. How did this confusion occur?

If you look at the case studies in the original book, Agile Software Development with Scrum, you’ll note that… The book title even says that Scrum is in addition to agile, not a substitute for it.

Agile is described by a set of principles and values, not ceremonies and processes. Agile is governed by a manifesto, not a process manual. These are two very different things, yet even today many people are still confused by the conflation.

The Scrum master is now treated as a project-management role, though it was originally a shared, rotating responsibility within the development team.

…please return control to the teams and away from project managers…

Kent Beck’s Extreme Programming approach to agile works well, has stood the test of time, and requires no certifications or ceremonies. It does require the team to be autonomous, trusted, reflective, and empowered, with access to and control over the resources that they need to succeed.

Remember: You don’t need Scrum to be agile; Scrum needs you to be agile!

Manažment (kníhkupectva)

Barnes & Noble’s fate rests in the hands of a British indie bookstore owner

Tento článok sme dostali v práci “za domácu úlohu”. Obsahuje priehrštie myšlienok zo sveta riadenia kníhkupectva. Ak ho budete čítať s nadhľadom, tak viete veľa bodov preniesť aj do iných oblastí (čo platí koniec koncov so všetkými múdrymi myšlienkami)

“The key to good staff is to keep them long-term; to build their careers; to teach them the trade.”

Never recommend more than three books at a time, lest you overwhelm the customer. When someone asks for a recommendation, don’t just dish out your personal favorites. Instead, start by asking them, “What was the last good book you read?” Someone who loves Tana French mystery novels is more likely to appreciate Ruth Rendell than the newest Thomas Pynchon.

“A bookstore in a community is an anchor and a symbol of ideas and solutions and dreams and stories,” she says. “It’s really a lovely symbol and place for people to be, and to remember that all of those things are important in our lives.”